Comparison of Patentsview's api and Pair Bulk Data's api

Huge, page invalidating update:
The uspto has shutdown the pairbulk api and replaced it with The USPTO Patent Examination Data System (PEDS) at I suspect that many of the pair bulk comments below still apply but am giving them the benefit of the doubt until I can confirm them.

Here's a summary of the differences I've noticed between Patentsview's and Pair Bulk Data's apis. My pages about the pair bulk api are here.

ObservationPatentsviewPair Bulk Data
opensourceyes (active?)no
show uspc/ccl's¹ post May 2015NoYes (only system that still does)
cpc's and uspc'smultiples of each correctly returned for utility patents but not plant or design patentsone uspc and zero cpc's are returned per patent
can search by cpcYes!No
current issue datelagging a few months²current and at one point was a bit into the future!
swagger as api documentationonly unofficially (I reverse engineered the definition for it) Yes! (peds link)
json.wrf callback parameternoneThere used to be a required parameter but it seems to have been removed. (good for app developers, not so good for web developers - google for json.wrf to see why you may want this parameter)
future api versionshas/states the url planunspecified
returns 404 when no data matches queryNoYes!
adds an X- header to explain errorsYes!No
more than primary sort (secondary etc)Yes!No
post endpoints work from user's domains across multiple browsersYes! (didn't at one point)Yes!
search by patent status (expired etc)no Yes!
can search by assigneeYes!No, can search by First Named Inventor but not as complete
Is Document Identifier returned by the api? data ex. US 20160066296 A1NoYes!
Offers a query tool
and downloads
Query download offers csv formatYes!No
Query columns are selectableYes!No
uses https:No Yes! (11/2019)Yes!
R package available?Yes!No
Returns latitudes and longitudesYes!No
Has an online forumYes!No

¹uspc/ccl's remain for design and plant patents as well as reissues of either. uspcs were supposed to be retired.
²The aggregating of counts, disambiguation and geo coding makes it look like it will be hard to keep up with the weekly issuing of patents. Data loads don't appear to be incremental and are supposed to occur quarterly.

Use case 1

I'd like to programmatically retrieve a few fields for the plant patents issued each Tuesday. I can't use the patentsview api since its data lags behind/doesn't seem to get updated with any regularity. I could use the Pair Bulk Data api but it only returns one uspc classification (aka ccl) per patent when multiples are allowed, it's not returning cpcs that are now coming back on some plant patents, and it sometimes returns a non existent classification of PLT/999.999. See my plant patents page here.

Use case 2

I'd like to be able to match up applications of a particular company (as the assignee) to their subsequent patents, if they were issued. will return the Document Identifier and title for the applications via a search for an/"Comany Name". Pairbulk doesn't offer assignee as a searchable field and the First Named Appliccant does not return all of the assigned patents. Patentview doesn't return the Document Identifier so I can't use the patentsview assignee endpoint's data to match up the issued patent's Document Identifier returned by appft (up to 50 results per page). To satisfy this use case I'd like to see Pairbulk add an assignee search, patentsview return Document Identifier and for someone to stand up an api that returns application data!