The fun part - Real Data Below!

This page shows the locations around Wichita, KS that the uspto's patentsview api says patents were issued. Clicks on the get details links will bring up a sample of up to 25 recently issued patents for that location. (The patentsview api data lags by several months so "recently issued" is a slight misnomer. This page will bring up the most recent utility patents in the patentsview database.) The get more cities link will retrieve the next 5 locations around Wichita. You can also hit the map results button to see a google map of the locations in the table.

The get details data is in the structured format the api returns. It could be formatted to create a spreadsheet etc. The requested sort order is by assignee so patents without an assignee will be listed before patents with an assignee. If you scroll down to the bottom it shows the sample size (count) and the total number of patents (total_patent_count) in the database for that location.

This is one example of what could be done using data returned by patentsview. You are only limited by your imagination on what you could do with it.

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