Patentsview Wacky Country Names

Update: This doens't seem to be happening now. I'll keep this page around to see what happens on subsequent data loads. (The patentsview database is reloaded 3 to 4 times per year.)

Here is a sampling of odd countries from the locations endpoint. The query asks for countries that begin with City of. I couldn't get the query to work where the country is City of" even by escaping the double quote. Clicks on the location_id will show the raw data from the locations endpoint for that id below the table.

q={"location_country":"City of\""} service returned a 400 error
so instead the query uses this
q={"_begins":{"location_country":"City of"}}

CityStateCountry latitudelongitudeLocation_id
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¹Number of patents associated with this location
Rows returned: ?