Patentsview UTF-8 Locations

From location.tsv available on the bulk download page we know that there are location_citys and location_states with UTF8 characters, umlaut etc. One of which is Wipperf���rth, Germany. We can hit the location endpoint asking for cities that begin Wipperf to see what data they have. I was not successful in asking the same endpoint for data where the city is Wipperf���rth. I asked about this in the forum but the reply from three years ago still applies: "The PatentsView Team does not think that the API is configured to handle utf8 at this time".

I was also surprised that the query tool does not offer to build location endpoint querries. I did try to use a inventor's last known city uhere it contained a UTF-8 character. While not a bug it would be a shortcomming of the query builder. I'll add it to my list of suggestions. By the way, the query builder was unable to fund any patents meeting this criteria: Inventor Last Known Location Country equals DE Inventor Last Known Location City equals Unterf���hrung. The query builder said that my query would be{"_and":[{"inventor_lastknown_country":"DE"},{"inventor_lastknown_city":"Unterf���hrung"}]}&f=["patent_number","patent_title","patent_date","inventor_lastknown_city","inventor_lastknown_country"]&s=[{"patent_title":"asc"}] This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

q={"_begins": {"location_city": "Wipperf"}}
&f=["location_total_num_patents", "location_state", "location_country", "location_latitude", "location_longitude", "location_city","location_id"]

CityStateCountry latitudelongitudeLocation_id
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None of these requests returned data
q={"location_city": "Wipperf���rth"}