v Patentsview's Weird USPC Classifications

Patentsview's Weird USPC Classifications

Here we issue a search where the main uspc classification is "No longer published" which is nonsensical to me. Something is classified as "No longer published" and is searchable as such? It is true that utility patent issued after May 2015 do not receive uspc classifications (but plant and design patents still are assigned them). To be fair, the uspto still classifies these patents as class 1 subclass 1 or 1/1 which does not exist. It might make more sense for patentsview to adopt this "standard" rather than making up one of their own.

Also problematic, the cpc's below are null on the reissued patents which is incorrect. The patent's cpc(s) can be seen on the uspto's site by clicking on the patent numbers below.

This page is sending in a get request to the /patents endpoint with the following parameters:
q={"uspc_mainclass_id":"No longer published"}
&f=["patent_number", "patent_date", "patent_title", "uspc_subclass_id", "cpc_subgroup_id"]
&s=[{"patent_date":"asc"}, {"patent_number":"desc"}]

In English that's asking for patents with a uspc classification of "No longer published", specifying a list of fields to return please, and if it's not too much bother could the patents come back with a primary sort by patent date ascending and a secondary sort of patent number descending?

To make a spreadsheet analogy, we're asking for rows of sorted patent data where the columns are the ones specified in the "f" parameter. Pretty cool, huh?

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Patent No.Issue DateTitleUS Classification(s)cpc(s)
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