Patentsview Missing Reissued Patent's CPCs

I would think that recently reissued patents would have cpcs (Cooperative Patent Classification) assigned to them but that doesn't seem to be the case. Data from the patents end point is shown below. Clicks on the patent numbers bring up the reissued patents at the uspto where the recent ones I checked did not have cpcs. If we reverse the order of the sort, we'll see cpcs on the earliest reissued patents at the uspto but not in patentsview. As mentioned on the plant cpc page, the bulk cpc data file provided by the uspto only has cpcs for utility patents. The patentsview api uses this file to get its cpcs.

This page is sending in a get request to the /patents endpoint with the following parameters: q={"patent_type":"Reissue"}

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Patent No.Issue DateTypeTitle US Classification(s)cpc(s)
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