Patentsview Prolific Plant Patent City/States

This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

In English that's asking for counts by state and country for plant patents sorted from high count to low with columns as specified in the "f" parameter. The results aren't exactly as I would have thought they'd be. I would think there would be one CA (California), US etc. I was trying to get it to group by state but it appears it's grouping by City, State, Country even when I did not ask for the City. I've added location_city and location_id to my original query to show that the California, US's aren't all the same place as I intended. I was trying to figure out what US states have the most plant patents without retrieving all the plant patents and summing them up myself. I'm still left wondering where the states of null are located ;-) Guessing I should have the do a query for them on patents view and ask it to map the results for me! Oops, it rejected my request saying Please select a valid U.S. state. As of the date I wrote this there are around 27,000 plant patents so the counts are higher than I would expect. It's nice that it gives me the overall patent count for a location but it doesn't look like there is a way to get the counts per location that met my query condition. That would be a cool addition to the api!

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