Patentsivew Puerto Rico Confusion

The patentsview data has patents associated with Puerto Rico as both a country (location_country="PR") and a US state (location_country="US" and location_state="PR"). This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

&f=["location_total_num_patents", "location_state", "location_country", "location_latitude", "location_longitude", "location_city", "location_id"]

Shown below in the table and resulting map is what is returned by the patentsview endpoint. The blue pins are where the location_country is PR, otherwizse the pin is red. Clicks on location_ids will display raw data from the locations endpoint below the table. The raw locations.tsv file has Puerto Rico as its own country in 75 rows and as a US state in 117 rows.

This is a faily succent enample that demonstrates most of the problems with the locations data. There are The real problem is that there are patents associated with these locations that wouldn't be returned on queries for legimiate locations. Ex. San Juan|PR|US currently returns 132 patents but not the 30 patents associteded with Calle Carlos F. Chard|San Juan|PR whose latitute and longitude puts it 1.2 feet from San Jaun.

Puerto Rico   Center Map
CityStateCountry latitude longitudelocation_id
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¹ Number of patents at this location.