Patentsview Null Country and Other Odd Countries

Update: This doens't seem to be happening now. I'll keep this page around to see what happens on subsequent data loads. (The patentsview database is reloaded every 4-6 months).

If we sort a request for all patents by location_country asc we see some odd countries. The first one is null (uninitialized) and others contain double quotes. They all have a latitude of 0 which would put them on the equator. This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

&f=["location_total_num_patents", "location_state", "location_country", "location_latitude", "location_longitude", "location_city", "location_id"]

The map below is initially centered at (0,30.25). To display the map centered on another location, click on the corresponding radio button and then click the "Center Map" link. All of the states are supposed to be in the US (requested by my query and returned by the service as US) but clearly not all of them are in the US. Hover over a pin to see the city name or click on a pin to see the latitude, longitude and number of patents the location has. Clicks on location_ids will display raw data from the locations endpoint below the map.

Null States   Center Map
CityStateCountry latitude longitudelocation_id
Requesting data from Patentsview. Results will appear here in a few seconds!
¹ Number of patents at this location.