Patentsview's Plant Patents with non PLT classifications

Here's a few oddly classified patent I came across. They look like plant patents from their patent numbers but they have patent_types other than Plant. Here we send in a get request to the /patents endpoint with the following parameters:


In English that's asking for patents with a patent_type other than Plant and a patent number that starts PP (as we'd expect for a plant patent), specifying a list of fields to return please, and if it's not too much bother could the patents come back with a primary sort by patent date descending and a secondary sort of patent number descending?

To make a spreadsheet analogy, we're asking for rows of sorted patent data where the columns are the ones specified in the "f" parameter. Pretty cool, huh? Click the patent number below to bring up the patents at to see the patent.

Patent No.Issue DateTypeTitle US Classification(s)cpc(s)
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