Patentsview CPC Loading Issue

The bulk cpc (Cooperative Patent Classifications) file for utility patents is issued quarterly by the uspto. On some patentsview data refreshes they load more patent xml files than the latest bulk cpc file covers. As a result, sometimes the most recent utility patents in the patentsview database do not have cpc assignments as they should. If cpcs display below then the most recent data refresh was done properly. This page used to load fairly quickly though now it can take api a long time to return data.

Here we hit the patent endpoint asking for recently issued utility patents. Clicking on the patent number will bring up the patent on the uspto site so you can see what the Current CPC Class(es) should be.

&f=["patent_number","patent_date", "patent_title","cpc_category","cpc_first_seen_date","cpc_group_id","cpc_group_title","cpc_last_seen_date","cpc_section_id","cpc_sequence","cpc_subgroup_id","cpc_subgroup_title","cpc_subsection_id","cpc_subsection_title","cpc_total_num_assignees","cpc_total_num_inventors","cpc_total_num_patents"]

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