Needed Patentsview API Fixes

There are serious problems with the patentsview api but, to be clear, they cannot fix all of them themselves. Some of the problems are because of the underlying data, or lack of it, produced or that should be produced by the uspto.

Serious ProblemThe fix and who's responsible
Withdrawn patents can be returned in the query results¹patentsview changes their loading process to not ingest withdrawn patents
Only utility patents have cpc (Cooperative Patent Classification) assignmentsuspto to provide this bulk data². patentsview lacks a source of this data. See plant_cpcs.htm
Design and plant patents (and reissued patents of either type) still receive uspc classifications, yet the api does not always return them3. Both parties are on the hook for this one. The uspto has not updated the bulk uspc file since 2018 and is saying it will discontinue producing it. patentsview is not returning this data even for the incomplete data the uspto provides. The patentsview page downloads page says "Current USPC classification data for all patents up to May 2015" which is true only for utility patents. Plant, design and reissues of either still receive uspc assignments but I don't think they understand this.
There are 305 patents missing in the xml files the uspto produces and are therefore missing in the patentsview database4uspto to provide this bulk data

My expectation is that the patentsview data would match the data in the uspto's ppubs database but it does not. Also, without complete classification data what is the point of doing classification searches using the patentsview api? I'd be a lot happier if there was an api interface to the ppubs data (there are issues with the ppubs data but they are minor in comparison). These serious problems as well as many, many minor ones are listed here.


  1. issue I raised about withdrawn patents being included in results sets and posted about it in the patentsview forum.
  2. The uspto's cpc bulk data file only contains assignments for utility patents.
  3. See jm_plants.htm and oldest_plants.htm showing that the earliest and latest plant patents in patentsview do not have uspc assignments
  4. There are 266 patents partially searchable in ppubs that are missing in the patentsivew database. There are an additional 39 missing patents fully searchable in ppubs that are not in patentsview's database. This problem was also mentioned in the forum post linked in footnote 1.