Patentsview Puerto Rico Confusion

The patentsview data has patents associated with Puerto Rico as both a country (location_country="GU") and a US state (location_country="US" and location_state="GU"). This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

&f=["location_total_num_patents", "location_state", "location_country", "location_latitude", "location_longitude", "location_city", "location_id"]

Shown below in the table and resulting map is what is returned by the patentsview endpoint. The blue pin is where the location_country is US, otherwizse the pin is red. Clicks on location_ids will display raw data from the locations endpoint below the table. The raw locations.tsv file has Guam as its own country in 11 rows and as a US state in 1 row.

Guam   Center Map
CityStateCountry latitude longitudelocation_id
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¹ Number of patents at this location.