Null Assignees

This page is sending in a get request to patentsview's inventors endpoint asking for details on the top three inventors at a specific location:

q={"_and":[{"location_city":"Las Vegas"}, {"location_state":"NV"}, {"location_country":"US"}]}
&f=["inventor_total_num_patents", "inventor_first_name", "inventor_last_name", "patent_number", "assignee_id", "assignee_first_name", "assignee_last_name", "assignee_total_num_patents", "assignee_organization", "assignee_num_patents_for_inventor" ]
&s= [{"inventor_total_num_patents":"desc"}]

Ok, so initially this was a mistake. In an accidental copy and paste, I sent assignee fields to the inventors endpoint. I question whether the 3 null assignees are valid (or useful really!).
    "assignee_id": null,
    "assignee_first_name": null,
    "assignee_last_name": null,
    "assignee_total_num_patents": null,
    "assignee_organization": null,
    "assignee_num_patents_for_inventor": null
I'm guessing these "assignee_id": null blocks in the assignee array represent the inventor's patents that aren't assigned. They're providing consistency for the "patent_firstnamed_assignee_id": null. I'd rather not see the "patent_firstnamed_assignee_id" attribute when the patent is not assigned and not get a block where every attribute is null. I'd prefer to present the returned data to a user directly without having to filter it. An assignee_id of null would probably be confusing to most viewers. The size of the assignee array is also misleading to me. It's one higher than I would like! If the web service is going to return a block where the "assignee_id" is null shouldn't the "assignee_total_num_patents" and "assignee_num_patents_for_inventor" be something other than null? The former would be an interesting number! (Knowing overall how many patents are not assigned. I could determine the latter if I wanted to) On this page alone assignee_total_num_patents should be 8 (to match the number of "patent_firstnamed_assignee_id": null currently being displayed).

calling patentsview...