The folks at have this page that lists what bulk data they've made available. Their work is covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. Apparently all I have to do is credit the source, provide a link to the license and state if I've made changes. Oh, and I'm not to suggest that the licensor endorses me or my use of their data.

My android app and pages on my web site use an online version of location.tsv. I made two changes. The first was to remove the last three columns (county, state_fips and county_fips) as I had no need for them. I also removed the 793 rows that had UTF-8 characters in them. Subsequent requests to the location endpoint failed when these cities and states were used as pointed out here

Similarly, I use an online version of government_organization.tsv with several changes. I moved the name column to the end (after level_three) and display it as an empty string if it matches the level_one, level_two or level_three entry for that row.

My adroid app itself was written in MIT's App Inventor 2.