Close US Locations

The root cause of this problem is most likely the underlying xml data provided by the uspto. Patentsview makes an attempt to disambiguate the inventors and locations but many of the locations below should be combined. Otherise you need to search for multiple cities to find all the patents associated with a location (needing to search for the alternate spellings in the locations table).

Here are US locations from locations.tsv where there is another location with a very similar latitute and longitude. Clicks on the "get details" links call the patentview location endpoint and results are display below the table and map. Included in the return is the number of patents associated with that location. As this page tries to illustrate, querying for a specific location may not return all the results you'd assume it would. I suspect the root cause of this problem is the underlying data.

To display the map centered on one of the locations, click on the corresponding radio button and then click the "Center Map" link. Note: for most of these locations the pins are close to right on top of each other. You may need to zoom a few levels to see the separate pins.

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