Bad Api Request Test

Here we intentionally make a bad request to the /patents endpoint with the parameters below. In a browser the same url will return a helpful error code and string but the call from this page fails to receive the error response. Chrome's inspect shows this red error: Access to XMLHttpRequest at has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.. This is bad as the helpful error message cannot be displayed below or on the Swagger UI page. I'll have to report this to the api team and hopefully they will fix it. It's like they are unintentionally hiding the error from you which makes it harder for you to fix. There is a similar problem on the ultra-helpful X-Status-Reason header the api thoughtfully populates. Basically the api team isn't being as helpful as they could be! I doubt this is intentional.


In English that's asking for patents with a patent_type of Utility, specifying a list of fields to return please, and if it's not too much bother could the patents come back with a primary sort by patent date descending and a secondary sort of patent number descending?

Patent No.Issue DateTitleUS Classification(s)CPC Classification(s)
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