Odd Cities

Here's a mashup of patentsview api data and google maps locations. For reasons unknown, there are 2 locations in the patentsview database where value in the city field looks more like an airport. This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint with the following parameters:

q={"_and":[{"location_country":"US"}, {"_contains":{"location_city":" Airport"}}]}
&f=["location_total_num_patents", "location_state", "location_country", "location_latitude", "location_longitude", "location_city","location_id"]
&s=[{"location_state":"asc"}, {"location_city":"asc"}]

The map below is initially centered on Indianapolis. To display the map centered on one of the weird cities, click on the corresponding radio button and then click the "Center Map" link. Clicks on the location_id will show the raw data from the locations endpoint for that id below the map. This phenomenon does not seem limited to the US; other countries have similar rows.

Null States   Center Map
#CityStateCountry latitudelongitude location_id
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