Recently Issued Utility Patents

Here we hit the patent endpoint asking for recently issued utility pateents. The cpc fields used to be returned for patents issued after June 2015 but they are not being returned now. Clicking on the patent number will bring up the patent on the uspto site so you can see what the cpc(s) should be.

&f=["patent_number","patent_date", "patent_title", "uspc_subclass_id","cpc_category","cpc_first_seen_date","cpc_group_id","cpc_group_title","cpc_last_seen_date","cpc_section_id","cpc_sequence","cpc_subgroup_id","cpc_subgroup_title","cpc_subsection_id","cpc_subsection_title","cpc_total_num_assignees","cpc_total_num_inventors","cpc_total_num_patents"]

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