Duplicate Locations

Update: Well there were duplicates locations in an earlier version of the table. They're gone now but I'm leaving this page around in case they return!
These seem to be disambiguation errors based on the latitudes and longitude (unless a point can legitimately have two names). It also points out some cases where a field is null (unset/has no value) in one row and properly set in its doppelganger row. The locations were easy to find by downloading the bulk location file, otherwise I'd have to be really good at guessing to find these locations. The bigger problem as a user is that patents are associated with only one of the locations. Without checking the bulk data I would assume I have all the patents for a specific latitude/longitude. What is shown are the 113 duplicates.

This page is sending in a get request to the /locations endpoint (locations abbreviated):

CityStateCountry latitudelongitudeLocation_id
Requesting data from Patentsview. Results will appear here in a few seconds!
¹Number of patents associated with this location
Rows returned: ?