Patentsview API Bugs

There doesn't seem to be a convenient way to report bugs. Here is a list of what I'd consider to be the major bugs:
  1. Withdrawn patents are returned by the api. I raised this as an issue but it was closed without being fixed. See #18 below
  2. Plant and reissued patents do not have cpcs where appropriate. I mentioned it in another closed issue.
  3. See numbers 3, 15, 19, 28, 33 and 41 below.
  4. There are a lot of problems with locations due to the underlying data. There needs to be a disambiguation effort like there was for inventors.
Specific examples follow Most of the location bugs are due to the underlaying uspto data. It is, for example, possible to search for an inventor's city that starts with 200 (ic/200$ at You might think you are getting back all the patents for a particular location from patentsview but you wouldn't if the uspto data contains errors. This can be seen on this page where the searches are by latitute and longitude. You'll most likely see odd locations nearby that have patents associated with them. Ex: patents where the city is Los Angeles International Airport. The patents associated with the odd location wouldn't be returned by the patentsview location endpoint for a query where the city is Los Angeles. To me this is a big problem that is not mentioned anywhere I could find. The location endpoint should at least have a disclaimer explaining that you may not get back all the patents you may expect. To compensate for this data problem I think there should be an endpoint or parameters on the location endpoint to search within a specific distance from a specific latitude and longitude. I'd then be able to retrive patents within a mile of downtown Los Angles regardless of the "city" (airport, county or labled rock on the roadside) that the uspto has as the city. A possible alternative would be to do some sort of consolidation of locations, changing the odd locations into standard ones.