Patentsview API Bugs

There doesn't seem to be a way to report a bug other than to send an email. Here is a list of what I'd consider to be bugs:
  1. Null states (the state field is not populated) are being returned by the locations endpoint. Here's another way of looking at these locations.
  2. I found a bunch of plant patents on that have cpcs! patentsview is not returning this data as shown on this page.
  3. The sort on patent number isn't quite right for plant patents and may be a problem for utility patents in the future.
  4. A few thousand cities seem to be streets.
  5. This one is on me (my mistake) but it exposes an opportunity to add additional input validation. For the sort parameter I entered ["location_city"] instead of [{"location_city":"asc"}]. The web server threw an Internal Server Error error (return code 500) and did not add the ultra helpful X-Status-Reason header as it does when it rejects requests for being invalid (return code 400).
  6. There are duplicate locations
  7. I get an X-Status-Reason: The operation '_text_any' is not valid on 'location_city''. It works on patent_title as shown on the query language page but not on location_city. Does it only work on indexed fields or something? Is this a bug or just something that needs to be documented?
  8. I needed to double up the single quotes to find the city Hashmona'im q={"location_city":"Hashmona''im"} With just one single quote no results were found as shown here.
  9. I cannot get the post endpoint to work in a browser. It appears the problem is the Access-Control-Allow-Headers: * header. It needs to be Access-Control-Allow-Headers: origin, content-type, accept Here's a page on my web site trying to post to the patents endpoint. It does not work in firefox or chrome but did work in an older version of opera I happened to have.
  10. Similarly there needs to be a access-control-expose-headers: X-Status-Reason so the ultra helpful X-Status-Reason will be displayed in swagger (where posts don't work in most browsers because of the previous header problem)
  11. There are locations where the city and state are not filled in.
  12. I found what looks like a utility patent with a patent type of Plant as shown here. I'm not sure if it's wrong in the underlying uspto data or if something else is wrong.
  13. Here's the opposite case, plant patents with a patent type of something other than Plant.
  14. Cooperative Patent Classifications (cpcs) don't come back on reissued patents as shown on this page.